Cultural Sector

Media is the vehicle responsible for conveying newsworthy facts and events to the citizens of a nation without distortion, spin or promotion of personal agendas.

“The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”  
– Malcolm X

SCI Works to

  • Encourage honest, unbiased and accurate reporting by all media sources including television, radio, newspapers and online sources.

How Transformation Happens

Key Value: Honesty

What would happen if media lived out its message by delivering factual, unbiased, and “spin-free” reporting?

The media sector is hugely influential. In a free society, its purpose is to share important and newsworthy events honestly, without distortion, spin or manipulation. Citizens in a free society should be able to rely on written, spoken and broadcast news and information reports as factual, without the influence of spin. Reporting with integrity and truth are to be the hallmarks of every story.

Many segments of media today have become heavily biased platforms promoting personal agendas with an end goal of influencing, controlling and maintaining power.

These organizations no longer trust in a free society to create optimum results in the management of a nation and in the lives of its people. It becomes all about control and spinning truth, believing that one’s own ideology is the only answer, and becoming committed to the ultimate promotion of that cause no matter what.

Transformational Organizations

If you are the leader of an organization with a vision to encourage unbiased, honest and factual reporting, we want to connect with you to help advance your vision for media across our great nation and the great nations of the world.

Victory Ministries Incorporation

An interconnecting of ministers and marketplace leaders globally to unite as relational resources for a greater positive and innovative impact in multiple spheres of influence.

Organization Contact: Dr. Rick Kendall  |  |  (772) 320-9947


Christian Broadcasting and Media

Organization Contact: Tom Nolan  |  |  (618) 997-4700

Global Priority Solutions

Global Priority is a world leader in implementing the message of values-driven leadership. For more than 25 years we have focused our attention on developing high-capacity, values-driven leaders.

Our Mission is to take your corporate values off the wall and put them into the hearts and minds of people! What if there was a way to change the culture of your organization, a school system, the government or an entire nation?

Global Priority Solutions offers 40+ Values separated into 5module books. Individuals, small groups and businesses may use our effective RoundTable Methodology while exploring the 40 Character Values.

Organization Contact: Carol Yoder  |  |  (330) 763-2121

The Jesus Alliance

The Jesus Alliance is establishing a global communications network to unite, equip and mobilize the body of Christ to take action that impacts the world for Jesus.

Organization Contact: Erica Hanway  |  |  (850) 445-1580

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