Cultural Sector

The cultures of Business are where the financial wealth of a nation resides. Without thriving and productive businesses, nations cannot and will not survive. There is a critical need right now for corporations to operate from a place of honesty, integrity and generosity.

“I have found no greater satisfaction than achieving success through honest dealing and strict adherence to the view that, for you to gain, those you deal with should gain as well.”  
– Alan Greenspan

SCI Works to

  • Influence the ethical creation of wealth by meeting the needs of people.

  • Establish thriving and productive businesses free from corruption.

  • Grow business leadership that operates with honesty and integrity.

  • Help businesses achieve prosperity for the purpose of transforming the nation.

At SCI we believe businessmen and women hold the secret to the transformation of nations. The secret begins when business leaders and wage earners adopt the leadership value of generosity. People who earn and are generous are able to share their time, resources and talent. This in turn will help combat the ills of society and break the spirit of poverty. None of this can occur unless a nation is thriving financially above and beyond the meeting of its own needs.

Key Value: Generosity

How Transformation Happens

What would happen if businesses thrived financially, were generous and poured the excess of their resources into their communities?

Transformational Organizations

These organizations provide transformation of business culture through technological leadership, sharing of best practices and coaching. If you are the leader of an organization with a vision to promote increase and transformation in the success of businesses, we want to connect with you to help advance your vision for the success of businesses across our great nation and the great nations of the world.

Victory Ministries Incorporation

An interconnecting of ministers and marketplace leaders globally to unite as relational resources for a greater positive and innovative impact in multiple spheres of influence.

Organization Contact: Dr. Rick Kendall  |  |  (772) 320-9947

Marketplace Leaders

Marketplace Leaders purpose is to equip men and women to see their work life as a ministry and calling for cultural transformation.

Organization Contact: Os Hillman  |  |  (678) 455-6262

The Jesus Alliance

The Jesus Alliance is establishing a global communications network to unite, equip and mobilize the body of Christ to take action that impacts the world for Jesus.

Organization Contact: Erica Hanway  |  |  (850) 445-1580

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