Arts, Entertainment and Sports

Cultural Sector

The Arts, Entertainment and Sports sector is unmatched in its ability to influence culture. Today films conveying ethics and morals are growing in large numbers. In addition, both professional and amateur sports team coaches are experiencing greater success by including character development along with the sports instruction.

“Events today can be experienced worldwide in real time, which has promoted the arts, entertainment and sports cultures to the pinnacle of global influence.”
– Lowell E. Olmstead

SCI Works to

  • Encourage the release of universal values, inspirational stories and forms of entertainment that convey positive character qualities as well as articulating the negative consequences of self-centered behavior.

  • Influence popular opinion through the release of uplifting music, film, television programming and the performing arts that highlight the positive values and standards of our nation.

How Transformation Happens

Key Value: Inspiration

What would happen if inspirational stories and entertainment events inspired a nation to embrace positive values?

A sports team, such as the Chicago Cubs, possesses the power to influence an entire city, state and even the nation. The behavioral example of a team’s players and ownership can influence millions, either positively or negatively. Just one inspirational story has the power to influence millions and the ability to change long-held belief systems.

People whose passions are aligned possess the power to inspire millions, even the entire nation, through messages that highlight extraordinary character and overcoming behavior in the midst of adversity.

Transformational Organizations

If you are the leader of an organization with a vision to bring positive values into the arts, entertainment and sports culture, we want to connect with you to help advance your vision across our great nation and the great nations of the world.

Global Priority Solutions

Global Priority is a world leader in implementing the message of values-driven leadership. For more than 25 years we have focused our attention on developing high-capacity, values-driven leaders.

Our Mission is to take your corporate values off the wall and put them into the hearts and minds of people! What if there was a way to change the culture of your organization, a school system, the government or an entire nation?

Global Priority Solutions offers 40+ Values separated into 5module books. Individuals, small groups and businesses may use our effective RoundTable Methodology while exploring the 40 Character Values.

Organization Contact: Carol Yoder  |  |  (330) 763-2121

Students ACES

Student ACES (ACE) is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to providing leadership programs, mentoring, scholarships and internship opportunities for high school students. ACE’s focus is to inspire, train and mentor a community of Student ACES who exemplify leadership traits in athletics, community service and education. ACE is headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Our Mission: To develop tomorrow’s leaders by providing best-in-class leadership curriculum, mentoring and projects that make a difference in their community

Organization Contact: Krissy Webb  |  |  (850) 559-7612

The Jesus Alliance

The Jesus Alliance is establishing a global communications network to unite, equip and mobilize the body of Christ to take action that impacts the world for Jesus.

Organization Contact: Erica Hanway  |  |  (850) 445-1580

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