About SCI

Our Vision

Restoration of a values-based society nationwide

Our Mission

Identify, connect and align with transformational organizations working in the seven cultures to restore the nations’ values

SCI is addressing the collapse of traditional character values in schools, families, businesses, media, government, entertainment and religion. Our mission is to bring value-based personal transformation to the seven cultural sectors of society by uniting the efforts of other culturally transforming organizations working throughout our nation.

Skip Olmstead


As Founder and Director of Strategic Cultural Initiatives, Lowell (Skip) Olmstead is about bringing change to the cultures of nations.

Skip and his wife Elizabeth have been married for 25 years. They live out their passion for dogs, cats and horses on their private horse farm.

In 1979 he started his own construction company specializing in luxury homes. After 24 successful years in the construction industry, Olmstead and his partner, Dr. George Peck opened Courtyard Gardens Assisted Living Community, a 129 bed Senior Living Facility. Olmstead managed and co-owned Courtyard Gardens for ten years, then sold his interest to his partner.

In 2008 Olmstead formed his 501 (c) (3) charitable foundation, Strategic Cultural Initiatives (SCI), and has been self-funding the organization for the last eight years. SCI’s focus has been promoting ethics in Florida prisons and public schools. SCI’s foundation in value-based leadership to the cultures of nations is now moving beyond to a place of collaboration through identifying and uniting other transformational organizations.

Today at SCI we are launching our new vision by creating a website to gather and connect with world transforming organizations in the seven distinct cultures of society. Our purpose is to help further and accelerate the transformation of nations by creating collaborations with like-minded organizations whose primary role and focus is transformation in the seven distinct cultures.

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